Wednesday, 8 August 2012



It's raining, the climate is so cool…….. The Weekend is nearing and family is with you. What more you want to enjoy two day weekend trip.
Me and my husband decided to go Lonavala, the closest place from Mumbai where you can enjoy your weekend especially during Rainy Season.
After having decided to go to Lonavala, I started googling out for resorts in Lonavala; I found nearly 100 resorts few of which were having their own websites. Went through each of the websites and finally selected one of the resorts.
This resort, claimed to have Go-carting, Water Park in their resort and the location of same is in the midst of nature with no pollution, bla bla bla. The cost of the room was Rs.3500/- per day. Got impressed and done online booking, which was successful. My amount of two days worth Rs.7000/- was debited.

After two hours of booking, I gave a call to this resort to confirm the direction from Lonavala Railway Station. And I was shocked to know that resort was under renovation and it was closed from the last two months. I said, I have visited your website, and my amount is debited to your account. I claimed for my settlement, after struggling a lot, I was finally returned my amount. All this turns our mood off and we dropped a plan to go Lonavala.  During this entire issue, I was on back to them to update their website and mention that it’s under renovation and is close for two months on their website. I spoke to the main vice president of this Resort and requested him to update their website. The VP was saying he was too busy to attend such small issues like web maintenance, I  requested him not to consider this as small issue and it's one of the biggest sources of revenue generation for a resort or hotel. My luck was good on that day, the VP gave his valuable time and listened to me patiently. End of the conversation, he requested for my contact number, date of birth and anniversary which I gave to him.

This happened last year that is in July 2011. As time passed by I forgot this issue and it was totally erased from my mind. This year exactly after one year, I got a call from that resort’s VP and he asked me to have a look on their website. The website was very much up to mark and well maintained. He was praising me a lot and said, “Madam on that day your conversation was an eye opener to me. And I took it all to my heart.  After one year now 60% of my revenue is generated through my website”. And I agree that maintaining a website is Musts. And there was a real surprise pack for me at the end of the conversation that, he offered me two days free stay in his resort with my family.

Friends (Business Owners, Website Owners), what I want to conclude here is, as an end user, I was given wrong information from the website and I end up paying Rs.7000/-.  Such websites don’t go a long way. Websites which are maintained properly can generate your 60% to 70% of the revenue.

A note for all website owners,
Website maintenance is Musts.

By not doing it, you are either loosing your customers or misleading your customers and you end up losing your business.

Do you feel website maintenance is costly?

No, it can be as low as Rs.33/- per day which comes to Rs.1000/- per month.

Just by spending Rs.33/- per day if you are going to get repeated business or new business, I request you to give a thought whether it’s an expense that you are incurring in maintaining the website or it’s an investment on which you are going to get a high Return on investment.

Websites need to stay fresh! Fresh websites get more traffic, don't look old and help you communicate better with your members, clients and potential clients

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Thursday, 2 August 2012

What is HTML5?
We're sure by now you've heard the term "HTML5" thrown around by the likes of Apple and Google. This is the next evolution of HTML, or Hyper Text Markup Language, which forms the backbone of almost every site on the Internet. HTML4, the last major iteration of the language, debuted in 1997 and has been subsequently poked and prodded so that it can handle the demands of the modern Web.
The HTML5 language has specific rules that allow placement and format of text, graphics, video and audio on a Web page. Programmers use these programming tags or elements to produce web pages in unique and creative ways.

In the programming world, it can be difficult to figure out what new techologies to adopt and which ones you should wait on and see how they do. Fortunately with HTML5 the guess work is taken out. HTML5 is being backed by both Apple and Google, two of the largest, most influential companies in the IT industry. If they say it is important and are backing their development with this technology, it means there will be a big adoption wave - which is really important in emerging technologies. 

HTML5 features in the limelight
The HTML project working group has released several feature specs till now. Some of key ones are
1.      Video elements: Designers can now build web pages without having to resort to third-party proprietary plug-in software like Flash. YouTube is experimenting with using HTML 5 to display video. Built in video controls makes the feature more attractive and easy to use.
2.      Application cache: On the lines of Outlook but minus the email client requirement, you can now store web apps much like emails locally. Google has already made use of this feature replacing its Google Gears mail client with HTML 5. Google Wave also usesHTML 5
3.      Canvas for Images: The canvas element that comes with HTML 5 lets you manipulate graphics and photos enabling easy rendering of images. Designers no longer need to use intermediate technologies like jQuery. This will help save development time and effort.
4.      Geolocation: The HTML5 Geolocation feature enables location identification using various geo location technologies GPS (Global Positioning system), IP address, RFID (Radio frequency ID), Wi-Fi , Bluetooth MAC address and GSM/CDMA cell IDs. The system is bound by privacy regulations and needs to be authorized by individuals before it can be utilized.
5.      Web workers: This feature enables a web application to execute complex tasks independently without interfering with the performance of a webpage in real-time.

The Benefits of HTML5

  • It makes the web faster: developers are able to use HTML5 to reduce file sizes and guarantee a cleaner user experience.
  • HTML5 has “Canvas”: a powerful tool for creating graphic content. With Canvas, it becomes easier to create animations, drawings and other complex visuals without using external apps.
  • More and more internet browsers are supporting HTML5. Want to check how compatible is your browser with HTML5? Go to this site and find out. If not, better update your browser version!
  • One of the hypes surrounding HTML5 is its video capabilities. Developers can integrate video with HTML5 without having to use any plugins. As more and more browsers are becoming compatible HTML5, the percentage of HTML5 videos available online is rapidly increasing.
  • Same goes for sound. HTML5 comes with a powerful support tool for audio elements.
  • HTML5 is available on a multitude of platforms and performs great on PC’s, mobile phones and tablets.

What the future holds?
Most of the top browsers are including the new HTML5 specs in their development plans. Firefox, Opera, Safari and Internet Explorer (IE8) have shown receptivity to most of the changes though the process is expected to take time.

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